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Targeted training as a company foundation
by Prof. Gerd Bittner

“Dynamic markets and specific customers in a difficult skilled labor market are often boundary conditions that companies have to deal with. Probably the most important foundation for the sustainable success of a company is its qualified and reliable staff. A long-term and needs-based personnel development, which advantageously also includes professional training in the company, is goal-oriented.

For several years now, the companies of the Beimdick Group have been consistently pursuing the path of expanding in-house training as part of their training workshop. The complexity of the company's personnel requirements is therefore also reflected in the clientele and individual life paths of the trainees. The spectrum ranges from qualified refugees from crisis areas and secondary school graduates to university dropouts and students in the context of a course-related training.

This article describes the personal backgrounds and life plans of four trainees who, despite various initial hurdles, found their way into a promising professional future.”

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Tobias Lanwehr has now found his future career through an initial, initially rather unrelated approach. After graduating from high school, he began studying bioengineering at the TU Dortmund. Despite successfully passing exams in mathematics, mechanics and thermodynamics, he perceived his studies as rather stressful and less inspiring due to the lack of professional prospects. Consequently, he decided on a practice-oriented path and successfully sought contact with a training company through personal recommendations. Here he began his training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering, completed it with a very good grade and now works in the company as a clerk in the field of engineering for electrical systems and software development.

However, he definitely wants to continue his professional qualifications and, with the support of the company, is aiming for an extra-occupational distance learning course in electrical engineering for a Bachelor of Engineering. Advantageously, the academic achievements already achieved at the TU Dortmund will probably be recognized and the practical projects prescribed in the Bachelor's degree could be combined with the tasks in the company. “Maybe it took me a little longer to find my professional goals, but as we all know, there are no real detours in life. I'm very happy that I can continue to strive for a degree and at the same time deepen my practical qualifications in my job," says Tobias Lanwehr.

After graduating from high school, it is often a very challenging task for young people to decide on the right course of study. Studying mechanical engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen was initially the first choice for Dustin Pockart and after some time he switched to studying business informatics. After several years at the university, however, it became increasingly clear that this path was not effective for him and he decided to follow his inclinations and find a practically oriented profession. He then completed the retraining as an industrial electrician very quickly with the grade 1, as the best in Germany. Following this vocational training in a company of the Beimdick Group, he now has a permanent position here and is a sought-after clerk in the field of control technology for high-voltage systems. He will soon be starting part-time technician training and says: "I'm happy about the interesting career prospects that the retraining for a tangible practical job in electrical engineering offered me. From today's perspective, I should perhaps have stopped my studies earlier, since I now see a real basis for my qualified professional development".

From tailor in Iraq to electrician in Germany! A notable refugee example is Sarkawt Hassan Hama Amin, who has just successfully completed his training as an industrial electrician in a company belonging to the Beimdick Group and was taken on by the company. He comes from a Kurdish area in Iraq, near the border with Iran. After eleven years of school, he worked as a tailor in his parents' business. When the political situation became unbearable, he made his way to Germany on foot via the Balkan route. He landed in Dortmund.

He had actually thought of working as a tailor in Germany as well. He quickly realized that there was no prospect of this in Germany, but training to become an electrician did. The company gave him the opportunity to do an internship to get to know this job. After just one month, the internship turned into an introductory qualification, then acceptance into the apprenticeship, and now a job.

"I could only speak a little German. But I was given a friendly welcome, my colleagues were great and helpful,” says Hama Amin. The biggest challenge for him was the language. Otherwise, he was an exemplary trainee: hardworking, punctual, thoughtful and very respectful in dealing with colleagues. Hama Amin has lived in his own apartment since 2018 and he says, "I now have new friends and I would like to work in this company for many years".

Björn Hoffmann gave up his mechanical engineering studies at the FH Dortmund because he had not seen the desired sense of achievement and therefore decided to look for a different perspective in life. In January 2018 he then began his retraining as an electronics technician for industrial engineering and completed it with flying colours, the grade very good. Because of his good professional performance and his commitment in the in-house training workshop, he received an employment contract as a project clerk and training officer. The master craftsman training he aspires to follows the goal of later taking over the training management.

"I am very grateful for the new professional perspective that the company gave me 2 years ago. I am looking forward to the future and I am confident that I will do a good job in production and my knowledge and skills in the area of ​​training

experience,” says Björn Hoffmann.

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